Web Analytics Lunch: Avinash Kaushik & Bryan Eisenberg Discuss Testing

What are you doing for lunch today?

If you are the type to eat quietly at your desk, why not spend your lunch listening to two Web Analytics gurus discuss testing?

The other day, I found a great podcast that Bryan Eisenberg produced with Avinash Kaushik that was created in support of Bryan’s book: Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer.  Their discussion focuses on the importance of testing and the usage of Google’s testing platform, Google Website Optimizer.  There is really some great stuff in there from two people that are passionate about testing.

This podcast, recorded on September 11, 2008, is available on Avinash’s web site from the Videos, Podcasts, and Media Mentions page.  The podcast is 24 minutes long.

Download the podcast here (5 MB).